Wellman Brothers Inc. was founded in 1921 when William Wellman Sr. took on the task of building the present St. Mary's Catholic Church in Philothea, Ohio.  Once the church was completed, William moved the business to its current location in Coldwater, Ohio.  From that point on, many churches and other notable buildings were constructed, however the company was most noted for steeple work and the construction of barns throughout the surrounding area.

When William Sr. Retired, his two sons, Bernard and Bill Wellman, continued the business as Wellman Brothers Inc.  Bernard and Bill continued the business specializing in maintenance and as restoration contractors.  The third generation consisting of Bernard's son Dan Wellman and Bill's son Roger Wellman, took over the family business in 1986.  Dan and Roger continued the business providing maintenance and restoration services on many churches and buildings throughout Ohio and Indiana.  Wellman Brothers Inc. is currently in the transition of turning the business over to the fourth generation, which includes two grandsons of the late Bill and Bernard Wellman.

Today, Wellman Brothers Inc. is widely recognized for the maintenance and restoration services on churches, public and commercial buildings, residential properties, new construction, universities, and hospitals. 


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